NCHA Postseason Update

NCHA Postseason Update

Postseason Update

Harris Cup: The first weekend of games have been completed and the top seeds nearly held. Both No. 1’s advanced – Adrian and St. Norbert – but only one of the No. 2 seeds did.

Marian topped St. Scholastica, but it was No. 3 Lake Forest that upset No. 2 Concordia Wisconsin to join the final four teams competing this winter.

A reminder for the fans, all remaining games in the Harris Cup playoffs are played in a single-game elimination format. If a game ends regulation play in a tie, the ice will be resurfaced and the teams will play a 20-minute sudden death overtime period.

The upcoming games are:
No. 1 Adrian hosts No. 3 Lake Forest
          -Saturday, February 24 at 2 PM EST

No. 1 St. Norbert hosts No. 2 Marian
          -Saturday, February 24 at 7 PM
Slaats Cup: The field was completed the past two days, with Marian grabbing the final spot. The first round of games is coming up this weekend and features the higher seeds hosting.

The winner of the two-game series format is determined by whichever team wins twice or wins and ties. Should the teams split the two games by tying twice or one team winning game 1 and the other game 2, a 20-minute minigame is played to determine the series winner.  While both game 1 and game 2 are played as normal - with 5-minute overtimes, if necessary - the minigame goes a full 20 minutes and any overtime is played until a goal is scored.

No. 1 Adrian hosts No. 6 Marian
          -Friday, February 23 at 7 PM EST
          -Saturday, February 24 at 6 PM EST

No. 2 Lake Forest hosts No. 5 St. Norbert
          -Friday, February 23 at 7 PM
          -Saturday, February 24 at 5 PM

No. 3 St. Scholastica hosts No. 4 Concordia
          -Friday, February 23 at 7 PM
          -Saturday, February 24 at 7 PM