2019-20 NCHA Men's Harris Cup Playoffs

* Top four teams in each division qualify for playoffs
* Quarterfinals: Two games (plus mini-game, if necessary), played within division
Weekend of Feb 21-23, 2020

   Game 1
   North #4 at North #1
   North #3 at North #2
   South #4 at South #1
   South #3 at South #2

   Game 2
   North #4 at North #1
   North #3 at North #2
   South #4 at South #1
   South #3 at South #2

* Semifinals: Single-game elimination (play until a winner is determined), played within division
   Weekend of Feb 28 - Mar 1, 2020
   North: Lowest remaining seed at highest remaining seed
   South: Lowest remaining seed at highest remaining seed

* Final: Single-game elimination (play until a winner is determined)
   Weekend of Mar 6-8, 2020
   Lowest remaining seed at highest remaining seed, in overall standings



* Two games are played with standard NCAA rules applying (single 5:00 OT).
* Games 1 and 2 can end in an OT tie.
* If the two games are split or if both end in a tie, a 20-minute minigame is played.  At the end of the second game, the ice shall be resurfaced and there is a 15-minute intermission.  Starting lineups are announced before the minigame, as in a regular game, and the teams will play the full 20 minutes, regardless of score.  Should the game be tied after the 20 minutes, the teams will play 20-minute sudden-death overtimes periods.

Head-to-Head competition
Divisional wins (used for breaking ties within division only)
Conference wins
* Wins vs Top 4 teams in final standings
# Results vs rank order, 1-11, until difference in results
Goal differential in games between tied teams only
Goal differential in games vs teams above the tied teams in standings
Goal differential in all conference games
Random draw

* Includes all teams with point totals ranking in top 4 of overall standings, including ties
# If, while moving through rank order there are two teams with equal point totals at a certain rank, results versus all those tied teams are compared together.