2018-19 NCHA Men's Harris Cup Playoffs

* Top four teams in each division qualify for playoffs
* Quarterfinals: Two games (plus mini-game, if necessary), played within division
Weekend of Feb 15-17, 2019

   Game 1 (all Fri, Feb 15)
   North #4 Finlandia 1 at North #1 St. Norbert 2
   North #3 Northland 2 at North #2 Marian 1
   South #4 MSOE 3 at South #1 Adrian 1
   South #3 Aurora 2 at South #2 Lake Forest 4

   Game 2 (all Sat, Feb 16)
   North #4 Finlandia 0 at North #1 St. Norbert 9
   North #3 Northland 1 at North #2 Marian 5
   > Marian wins mini-game 1-0
   South #4 MSOE 1 at South #1 Adrian 7
   > Adrian wins mini-game 2-0
   South #3 Aurora 5 at South #2 Lake Forest 1

* Semifinals: Single-game elimination (play until a winner is determined), played within division
   Weekend of Feb 22-24, 2019
   North: #2 Marian 2 at #1 St. Norbert 6
   South: #2 Lake Forest 1 at #1 Adrian 5

* Final: Single-game elimination (play until a winner is determined)
   Weekend of Mar 1-3, 2019
   Adrian 1 at St. Norbert 4

T.J. Black, St. Norbert (MVP)
Cory Dunn, Adrian
Brendon Gysbers, St. Norbert
Dino Balsamo, Adrian
Peyton Frantti, St. Norbert
Timmy Nicksic, St. Norbert

* Two games are played with standard NCAA rules applying (single 5:00 OT).
* Games 1 and 2 can end in an OT tie.
* If the two games are split or if both end in a tie, a 20-minute minigame is played.  At the end of the second game, the ice shall be resurfaced and there is a 15-minute intermission.  Starting lineups are announced before the minigame, as in a regular game, and the teams will play the full 20 minutes, regardless of score.  Should the game be tied after the 20 minutes, the teams will play 20-minute sudden-death overtimes periods.

Head-to-Head competition
Most division wins (applicable only for breaking ties within a division)
Most overall conference wins
Results vs Top 4 finshing common opponents (must have played same number of games)
Goal differential in games between tied team only
Goal differential in all conference games
Coin flip, conducted by Commissioner